I decided to go for it.

Girl in the world…but mostly Illinois

Taunted by a 20 Year Old

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A month or so a new friend, who at the time was more of a co-worker, and I were making conversation to pass the time. One of the random questions that was asked was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. I thought about Baker and Badass Explorer but ended up saying Blogger. I follow some pretty interesting people online and the idea of having a life entertaining enough to write about also sounds pretty good to me. Her immediate response was something like, “Well you could be doing that right now. Pick again. And start a blog.” So here I am, first post ever, trying to find an appropriate the-whole-world-could-read-this-but-probably-no-one-but-me-and-my-sister-actually-will voice. Bear with me while I try to figure this, and the rest of my life, out.


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