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Music Monday

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These five songs have been firmly planted in my head for weeks AND most of them have pretty sweet videos to boot. Any songs songs been stuck in your head? I’m always looking for new ones so if you have one to share, leave a link in the comments and we can all start our weeks off right with a little more music.

1. “Crave You”- Flight Facilities ft. Giselle Never have I ever had a stronger desire to purchase a smoke machine. Maybe buy some popsicles and rock jail house inspired striped shorts.

2. “Take Care”- Drake ft. Rihanna– Something about this song is so real. The loop of the chorus makes me feel like I’m in this relationship and have crazy baggage…but kind of in a good way because Drake/Rihanna is here to make it better. The video sends the vibe from raw to primal with some beautiful shots of animals and intense scenery.

3. “Moonbeams”- Family Band– This tender song has a pretty fantastic video. Two skeletons find each other and spend a perfect day together. What’s not to love.

4. “Powa”- tUnE-yArDs– “Powa” is a strong enough song that it makes the list even without a video. This girl has a crazy voice and she’s taking it for a ride.

5. “Get Free”- Major Lazer ft. Amber Koffman– I love this song and I love it’s video. The beat puts me in a trance and it’s hard to look away from the mashup of images of the Jamaican dancehall scene. AND Amber Koffman is from the Dirty Projectors, one of my current favorite bands, who I happen to be seeing THIS WEEKEND. Can’t wait.


One thought on “Music Monday

  1. this isn’t really new music, but… i was totally cheesing out to bee gees’ “how deep is your love” the other day. laugh if you want. it was awesome.

    as for new music, i’m digging angel olsen’s moody autumnal release, “half way home,” and her song “acrobat” in particular. it’s perfect for that cloudy, chilly, soup-making saturday afternoon.

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