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Easy Like…Dairy-free Lemon Creme


The moment I saw this recipe on Joy Wilson’s blog, Joy the Baker, it had my complete attention. I love pudding but heating and cooling milk (mostly dealing with that gross skin that forms on the top) is enough to deter me…or at least encourage me make peace with the instant stuff. This being said, I was pretty excited when I saw Joy’s vegan take on this creamy treat.  A little suspicious of the ingredients, but still excited.

All the fixings…

Tofu and cornmeal? When it was all sitting in the food processor I was glad I was the only one around to judge it. It all looked a bit jiggly and unconvincing. Blend first, ask questions later.

Hey, that looks like pudding.

After a minute, POOF! Pudding. Nothing could be easier. It was so tasty I found myself licking the blade of the food processor. At the time I really felt the reward outweighed the risk. Does that mean we can call this recipe dangerously good? I think so.

These aren’t both for me…I swear.

The little cups need to chill for about two hours in the fridge (so the cornmeal can soften and the whole mixture can firm up a bit) but when they’re done they have a perfectly creamy consistency. The crumble is a really nice touch. I didn’t have the coconut oil, coconut flakes, or fresh thyme that was called for in the recipe so I free-styled, adding olive oil and sunflower seeds to the oats instead. I’m not vegan, so if I made this again I would probably use butter instead of olive oil, but either way it was delicious. You can find the recipe here.


6 thoughts on “Easy Like…Dairy-free Lemon Creme

  1. Wow. Thanks for this. Never occurred to me. Sounds delicious.

  2. love the plate in the last image… looks like a family heirloom, or fabulous thrift find.

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