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Red wine jelly


It’s fall! Beautiful FALL! If only I had more time to lie around and enjoy the changing leaves and other fall festivities…school has been super busy the past few weeks. I’m trying to wrap up my thesis proposal (which is on nutrient uptake in streams, no big deal. I’ll write more about it in a few weeks). I’m still managing to carve out a little fall-fun time in my schedule. I took this picture on the way to school, mid intersection. I brake for beautiful foliage.

It may be gray out but the leaves make everything glow!

Regardless of school, I’ve been doing my part to get in the Halloween spirit. This includes watching some favorite seasonal films (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Rocky Horror Picture Show) and stocking up on (and by stocking up on I mean eating) candy for trick-or-treaters.

The trick-or-treaters must be sneaking in here during the day because I’ve been refilling this bowl for weeks.

But a girl can’t live on candy alone. Lately I’ve been coming home and wanting to eat IMMEDIATELY. Little snacking plates have come to my rescue. OK, so they’re basically deconstructed sandwiches, but I look forward to meals too much to see sandwiches on my plate multiple times a day. What’s really upped the dining excitement is the addition of a delicious red wine jelly.

I got this tasty recipe from from my girl, Jess, of Witchin’ in the Kitchen. It really couldn’t have been easier to make and mmMMMMmmm, it’s good. Basically all you do is reduce 2/3 a bottle of wine and add it to a wine-sugar mixture that’s simmering in another pot with some lemon and liquid pectin. You do have to add an insane amount of sugar. This is non-negotiable (from what I read on the internets) because if you don’t add enough of the sweet stuff it won’t set properly.


One thing to keep in mind, once you take the mixture off heat it starts to set up pretty quickly. I dawdled around, scrambling for small jars to house jelly, and it wasn’t perfectly smooth when I transferred it to the containers a few minutes later. Consistency aside, it tastes great. I’ve been eating it like so (see picture below), but with so much of it lying around it’s bound to end up in some PB&J’s and potentially in these brownies.

An epic snack tray.


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