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Are Homemade Sprinkles Worth the Trouble?


Did you know you can make your own sprinkles? When I saw this post, detailing the many (*ahem..3) benefits of making/eating homemade sprinkles I immediately thought to myself, why have I not been doing this? It makes so much sense. You can flavor and color them however you want. You know exactly what’s in them. And just, how cool.

And so I set about making my own sprinkles. I went on a wild goose chase looking for powdered egg whites. Was unsuccessful. Seriously, no where in town sells that stuff. Decided to use a regular egg white instead. You’re only really dealing with one dry ingredient (powdered sugar) so you can just keep adding little portions of powdered sugar and water until you get the desired consistency.


Whisking out lumps

I also didn’t have the proper set up for piping out hundreds of little lines of frosting so the first few unsuccessful tries involved exploding plastic sandwich bags. A good portion of the frosting that leaked out somehow ended up in my mouth. Waste not, want not, right?

Do you know how much food dye is required to make red sprinkles? More than I'm ready to commit to.

Do you know how much food dye is required to make red sprinkles? More than I’m ready to commit to. Bright pink it is.

Something this recipe neglected to mention was that making little lines of frosting takes HOURS and you have to stop because your hands cramp the-F-up from squeezing so hard. I have to acknowledge that if I wasn’t using a sandwich bag, containing the frosting may have been less of a chore. But still, the recipe said this whole production was going to be a “piece of cake”. At the time I was sure she had meant to describe it as a “pain in the ass”. And how could she have forgotten to mention the stomach ache that accompanied the inevitable consumption of half a cup of frosting?

Sugar sticks

It took a while, but after an hour I realized that if I was cool with slightly larger sprinkles, using a larger pastry tip would make the job a lot easier. And if I put less frosting in the bag I could get a much better grip. By the time the sprinkles had completely dried (24 hours later) and I had cut them into sprinkle-sized bits, I had almost forgotten about damning sprinkle production to hell. I even caught myself thinking about when I could make more and what kind of cake would go best with “creamsicle” flavored sprinkles.


It’s funny, when I was reflecting on my change of heart the first thing that came to mind was that this experience was a lot like my time in grad school. *Side note: I graduate in May so I finally feel like I can look back on the past 3 years and make some conclusions. When I first went back to school I hated it. I felt like my life was a comedy of errors and I was in way over my head. Who did I think I was, enrolling in a geology program when I had no special interest in rocks and had never taken a geology class. That first semester I contemplated throwing the towel in on the daily and if it wasn’t for a few encouraging friends reminding me to take it day-by-day, I might have let myself off the hook. School isn’t something I love but I knew hoped that if I stuck with it it would give me the skills I needed to find a career I’d be happy with. Now that the end is in sight, I can say with confidence that sticking with school was the right choice, hands down. It feels so good to say that. There were challenges, I cried in frustration, but every semester was easier than the last. It wasn’t that the material was getting any simpler- it was that I was learning how to deal…how to deal with stress, how to deal with realization that there is SO much I don’t know, and how to deal with using my inevitable failures to make myself better. I learned some geology-related lessons too (thank goodness- I do need a job) but what I really took away from the past few years was that if you can manage to stick with giving 100%, you’ll eventually toughen up/wise up and as a result, you’ll end up a better version of yourself.


In retrospect, this jar is half full.

Whether or not these sprinkles are worth making is up to you. I’ll give it to you straight- if you make as many as I did it will take forever and you will somehow get frosting all over your body. On the other hand, the recipe is nearly impossible to mess up and making your own sprinkles is undeniably impressive (at least I think so). Isn’t that combination kind of the point of DIY projects? I know when I make these again I’ll be much faster and will have a better attitude to boot. And now I’m that girl who can make her own sprinkles. My personal conclusion: they’re not for every day but if you’re looking for something extra-special homemade sprinkles are worth the trouble.


4 thoughts on “Are Homemade Sprinkles Worth the Trouble?

  1. These look lovely! They do have a lot more charm than shop brought!

    For some reason, though I have never had the desire to make my own sprinkles before, I have that desire now!

    A part of me thinks being covered in frosting will be a fun experience!

    That and I’ve always been allergic to some mystery ingredient in sprinkles which wouldn’t be in these!

    Yay! Now I have a rational reason to make them ;)

  2. I love the photo of the long lines of frosting. There is some serious decorating potential there…. Hmmm….PLAID CAKE?!!

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