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The Last Spring Break

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Last week was the last spring break I’ll (hopefully) ever have. Not that Future-Me wouldn’t happily take a week off…

With school winding up, I stuck around town for most of the week in an effort to get my life together. I’ll spare you pictures of me looking dumbfounded, staring at excel documents, surrounded by a mess of articles and highlighters. Work aside, I still managed to have a lot of fun. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and all that. My sister visited the first weekend and came bearing a slew of flowers- spoils from her flower arranging class.


My first exposure to MMA. We went to an amateur mixed martial arts “beat down”. It got pretty real.


…Visited the Ropp Jersey Cheese farm. They have a cheese-making trailer with big plexiglass windows so you can check out the process before making your selection. The barns were also open so we got to pet some calves and barn kitties. They’re so smart. How could I not buy cheese made by these adorable babies’ mamas?

Baby cow

Cheese on cheese! Brought home a cheddar with green onion and a cheddar with cranberry (Ropp is known for their cheddar).

Ropp cheese

At the end of the week, my friend Lauren and I made a whirlwind trip out to Dallas for a girlfriend’s wedding. Aside from jerky and gas station coffee, I’m not much for eating out on the road, so the car was just as full of snacks as it was clothes and such. If I’m going to be in the car for 14 hours I need lots of treats. The best treat of all (with marinated mushrooms coming in as a close second) was listening to the Divergent audiobook. Post-book discussion (this will only makes sense if you’ve read/listened to the book): if we were to pick our own faction I’d gravitate towards Amity (the peaceful) and she’d lean towards Erudite (the intelligent) but we both fancy ourselves Divergent (uncategorizable, well-rounded rebels). And our collective Fear Landscape would include Dallas traffic.

roadtrip snacks

Claire and Jarrod’s wedding was really nice and, not just saying this, I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride. We were some of the few guests not from Texas so we ended up talking to people from both sides of the family. Every stranger I chatted with was so full of love for the couple. A wedding highlight: at the end of the toasts, Grandma surprised everyone with a special guest- the King. Hilarious.

The king

Even though it was quick trip, it was great having the opportunity to catch up with some old friends. It reminded me of how many LDRs (long distance relationships) I’m actually in. It would be awesome to get to see everyone more often but such is life, and (silver lining) being in different locations gives us the excuse to plan vacations around visiting each other.


Some more familiar faces!


…Rushing out to the getaway car. Congrats, Claire and Jarrod!


Lauren, channeling James Dean while waiting for our ride.


For the rest of our trip we made sure to soak up as much of the Texas warmth as possible. Windows were down in the car. I got up early and read journals on the porch, which quickly turned into chasing the dogs in the backyard. When other people woke up this morphed into playing cards for hours and cocktailing on the deck.  Our last day in Dallas ended with hanging out on the driveway, watching the sun set.


TX> OK> MO> IL…driving MACHINE! Snacks, snacks, sugar-free Redbull (an homage to a random quote in Death Proof), further Divergent discussion, and the Macklemore album on repeat.

mad driver

GPS, thank you for guiding us towards the most direct route.

back road


Nearly home! Caught a pretty So.-Ill sunset…


…Annnnd back to “springtime” in Illinois. Not bad for the final spring break!

still winter


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