I decided to go for it.

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Blog Changes and The Great Lakes

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As you may have noticed, I’ve taken a rather long hiatus from the blog. Pretty much for two reasons:

1. I got a job! Halleluiah, I got a job! And I love my position- major bonus. I’m learning a TON every day, working on a sort of ridiculous variety of projects, and, perhaps most importantly, I feel like the work I’m doing is having a positive impact on society. Another super legit benefit of this new position is that I’m surrounded by freshwater science. Example A.) this educational illustration of the Great Lakes System that found it’s way into my inbox last week.


2. I’ve been dying to give this site a makeover. When I started out I didn’t have much of an idea if I’d like how the blog would turn out or if I’d keep up with it. I was also embarking on my last year of grad school, which I knew would be immediately followed by an alarming period of floating around in limbo. “I DECIDED TO GO FOR IT” was a good fit for a time but it’s time for a change! My life may not be completely sorted but I’ve entered a new chapter and the name has gots to go.

To commemorate my transition into The Rest of My Life, I’ve decided to go through the pain in the butt that is renaming a blog (as well as learning how to make it a little cooler and more efficient). So! By this time next week the blog will have a new title! Weeee!


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